MCAD Digest: Adelabu v. Teradyne Inc., Burns, and Schwartz…Employee Wins Racial Discrimination Case

Overview: In Adelabu v. Teradyne Inc. Burns and Schwartz, the MCAD found in favor of the Complainant and awarded emotional distress damages for race-based discrimination. There was sufficient evidence that the Respondent manager expected a greater degree of deference from black subordinates than from white ones. The hostile environment that resulted from racial bias “adversely affected the Complainant’s working conditions and caused him significant distress.”

The Complainant was entitled to emotional distress damages for disparate treatment and a hostile work environment based on race. There was insufficient evidence, however, to find that the Complainant had been retaliated against when he was moved to a different position with a lower designation, since the change appeared to be a good faith effort to alleviate conflicts arising from a prior project. Similarly, the hearing officer concluded that the Complainant was not constrictively discharged.

Decision Date: November 30, 2016

Docket Number: 11-BEM-00604; 11-BEM-03 547

Hearing Officer: Eugenia M. Guastaferri

Claims: Employment discrimination based on race, retaliation

Prevailing Party: Complainant

Back Pay: $0

Front Pay: $0

Emotional Distress: $75,000

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